What does Certitrad provide for our clients?

  • SECTOR RECOGNITION: Certitrad is your assurance that you are dealing with a genuine translation professional. It is the only translation company QoS benchmark existing in France.
  • TECHNICAL SKILLS: Certitrad recognises the fact that a company possesses the requisite technical skills, makes use of qualified personnel and employs translators translating into their mother tongue. Certitrad assesses and certifies the delivery of a translation that has been proofread and the fact that the translation has respected the client’s terminology requirements.
  • LEVEL OF SERVICE: Certitrad recognises a level of service, including the appointment of a single contact person to ensure seamless execution of the project, compliance with turnaround times and information security and confidentiality.
  • CONTINUITY OF SERVICE: Certitrad obliges certified companies to ensure continuity of service in their operational processes. This ensures a consistent, uniform and continuous service for your translation requirements.
  • QUALITY MONITORING: with Certitrad, quality of service monitoring is certified, with a guarantee that client feedback will be taken into account and that a genuine internal quality management procedure is in place.


These five principles have always been part of our basic philosophy: we have always insisted that all of our translations be edited by specialised proofreaders so that clients benefit from cutting-edge expertise in legal and financial terminology and a superior level of service.

Every year, Bureau Veritas checks whether certified companies are continuing to meet their commitments and, if so, renews its certification for another year.

The recognition that we have received from Bureau Veritas and the sector as a whole is a guarantee for our clients, an additional incentive for our translation teams and an example to our peers. It is both a tool and an incentive for us to continue to provide the outstanding quality of service that our clients have come to expect from us.


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