The team

Translation is a means for people to communicate with each other.

It relies less on technology and more on actual human input for messages to be understood, translated and shared. To our mind, a good translation can only be achieved with a back-office team in place.  

Just as we did with our network of freelancers, we wanted to create a moderate-sized in-house team that shared our vision of the profession, as well as our specialisation and values.

The strengths of our in-house team stem from our efforts to enforce the Over the Word business model. We are all professional translators or linguists with a thorough knowledge of financial and legal terminology. Our sales staff and project managers are equally demanding in terms of the service we provide, which is devoted to meeting our clients’ needs. All of our translators work to the same exacting quality standards.

Over the Word has chosen to backup its in-house team with a network of freelance translators, enabling us to expand our offer and provide greater flexibility.